Bank level anti-counterfeiting solutions combining Authentication, Traceability and Marketing

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Qual'ID Solutions
Qual'ID Solutions is a Bordeaux based company providing anti-counterfeiting solution to a wide range of value added products including Wine & Spirits, Luxury goods, Cosmetics. Our Solutions
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Qual'ID Solutions provides true ID / Passport to product in order to make authentication possible to any user of a NFC enabled smartphone. Authentication
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Wine & Spirits
With a unique patented anti-refilling RFID-NFC seal, Qual'ID Solutions provides a bank level authentication solution to protect wine and spirits from all forms of counterfeiting.Our Patented Seal
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Traceability encompasses several areas, including food and drink safety and trust in a product's origin and its distribution channel. Traceability
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The channels of communication can be tailor-made to the demands and expectations of customers, allowing as much or as little information to be received as desired. Marketing


    • AT A GLANCE - Qual'ID Solutions® provides unique patented bank level anti-counterfeitingtraceability and marketing solutions to a wide range of industries including Wine & Spirits, luxury goods as well as to value added good manufacturers. With RFID - NFC chips, Qual'ID Solutions provides product with a true ID / passport to make overt authentication and traceability possible.

    • CULTURE - Based in Bordeaux, one of the most famous vineyards in the world, Qual'ID Solutions leverages its unique culture and experience in advising the most prestigious wineries and spirit producers to provide taylor made state of the art solutions.

    • CLIENTS - We have built strong relationships with a wide portfolio of clients (SME and large corporations) in industries including Wine & SpiritsLuxury goods,A&D...

  • EXPERIENCE - Qual'ID Solutions already protects half a million products worldwide with significant implementation experience to be a true problem fixer.
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